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About Us

We were founded in 1991 by Zbyněk Bartoš who remains Executive Director of the Company to this day. Our headquarters are in Prague.

Our values are from the beginning the same, we want to produce high-quality work.

We are fortunate to work with big names, but we have never forgotten how important are simple things like personal touch, attention to detail, openness and honesty.

Our portfolio brings entertainment to all members of family, from children to movie enthusiasts


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BÄR s.r.o. studios ...


BÄR s.r.o. references

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Our services

Dubbing and voiceover

Technically perfect VO or dubbing can be undone by a poor translations service and perfect translation can be undone by poor technical service. That´s why we cooperate with professionals and we can provide high-end technical studios and  high quality translations.  We are also able to ensure high quality within short time period.

We have big database of voices and most of our talents have many years acting experience, so the quality of final project is guaranteed.


We  provide subtitles for entire TV series, movies, short promo videos, corporate or advertising materials, DVD.

Translation services

We can translate instruction manuals, press release, an article, brochure etc.

Our Studios

Our studios are equipped with high-end kit for the best audio quality and we can deliver any format including tapes, DigiBeta or digital file delivery. We can also provide 5.1 surround sound.

BÄR s.r.o. studios ...


Our Addresss

BÄR s.r.o.
Na Borovém 340/6
Praha 4 Lhotka
142 00

Telephone / Fax

+420 604 270 719
+420 777 630 608
+420 777 306 763

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BÄR s.r.o. studios ...
BÄR s.r.o. studios ...
BÄR s.r.o. studios ...